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Landscaper using Bristow Bed

“The HD-4500 for Landscapers or Hardscape Contractors”

The HD-4500 is well suited for the landscape and hardscape industries. The typical job site for these industries are similar in nature, with a unique set of challenges and considerations. The majority of the material needed on the job site are heavy and bulky, which require a machine of some sort for even the smallest of jobs. Load in/load out operations for the task at hand can significantly increase the true cost of the project.

This is where the HD-4500 will increase the overall profitability of the job. With the integrated forklift design, this machine can perform multiple functions and needs that are currently being met with other machines at an overall lower operational cost and a greater speed.

Picture this. You have a job of adding landscape blocks as edging for a developer in a housing subdivision. There are multiple yards located over several city blocks. As these housing units are occupied, the street is very busy, and parking is at a premium. In each yard, you have 3 trees, and 2 flower beds that are adjacent to the housing unit. 

Currently, you are performing this work in a variety of ways. Either you load up a skid loader on a trailer, haul it to the job site, unload it, go back (or use another truck and trailer to haul the material) and get the material (loading it with another machine at the shop/supply house), and then use the skid loader to haul the material from yard to yard, down the street. If the job takes more than a single day, you leave this equipment on the street, expecting it to still be there the next day without vandalism. As you are using a skid steer as a forklift, you don’t have any advertising of your business going on (with the Bristow Bed, your truck has your name on the side of it so everyone can see who is doing the work). You have one machine operator who stays in the machine, you have black marks all over the street and drives from the tires on the skid loader, the visibility of the operator is restricted due to the ROPS and the load in front of the machine which increases the chance of an accident, the noise of the machine is much greater than a pickup, so you are waking up the night shift workers who live in the apartments, and you have multiple trucks, with trailers, up and down the street, restricting the traffic flow.

Let’s re imagine this scenario with a Bristow Bed HD-4500. Same job, but different equipment. You drive the truck to the job site with either one pallet of edging stone on the back of it, or the truck pulls a single trailer with multiple pallets of edger’s. The load is suspended behind the truck (or on the truck bed), so the operator can easily watch for pedestrians and traffic flow, increasing safety. The truck is much quieter than any construction machine, therefore you are not waking up the night shift tenants, so less call in complaints. Your company name is on the side of the truck, so everyone knows who is doing the job, so they can call you if they need the same services. Your machine (Pickup with HD-4500) is not leaving tire marks on the driveways or on the street, and at the end of the workday, you drive your truck back to the shop, and park it securely in your facility. 
The result? Less machines/trucks/personnel on site, less noise, faster travel speeds, increased safety, free advertising, and a higher profit margin on the same job for the same bid. And you can utilize your machines that you were going to use on another job during this same time period for increased profitability.

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