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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Bristow Bed self level?

We have multiple models of lift beds, and each of these models self-level in a different way.

  • Our HD-4500 Model replacement bed uses a fluid transfer method of self leveling. This is not a true “self leveling” system, as it requires the operator to set the forks at the pitch the lift requires for the intended application. It then changes pitch in the lift arc to compensate for the suspension drop of the vehicle when the load center transfers past the break-over point, at which point the forks begin to tilt up.
  • Our SI-2500 Model uses a proprietary linkage system for self leveling that requires the operator to set the intended pitch required for the lift arc. It does not change in pitch during the lift arc, as the lighter load capacity of this model has less influence on the truck suspension.

Do the forks tilt independently?

Yes, the forks tilt independently on both models.

How often does the machine need preventive maintenance?

The machine needs maintained daily, weekly, and monthly just like any other heavy equipment.

What kind of hydraulic pump does it have?

  • Our HD-4500 Model utilizes either a PTO or Belt Driven Hydraulic Pump mounted by an up-fitter, at a target rate of 7 GPM (Gallons Per Minute), and is plumbed to the bed.
  • Our SI-2500 Model has its own electric over hydraulic pump system already installed in the unit.

How much will the bed lift?

  • Our HD-4500 Model is designed to lift 4,500 pounds, with the load centered 24” out on the forks.
  • The SI-2500 Model is designed to lift 2,500 pounds, with the load centered 24” out on the forks.

Can the beds lift on unlevel ground?

We recommend that you only lift a load on level ground centered on the forks, as with any other type of lift equipment. Our entire product line has been tested in extreme terrain conditions to ensure the safety and stability of the machines on a variety of vehicle applications.

Are the forks moved electrically or hydraulically?

  • Our HD-4500 Model forks are powered laterally by hydraulic Ram cylinders.
  • Our SI-2500 Model Forks are moved manually.

Can I operate the bed from outside of the truck?

Yes, you can operate the bed from inside or outside of the vehicle. Both the HD-4500 and SI-2500 Models have a wireless remote system.

How many backup cameras are there?

There is a single backup camera on each system that is positioned in a manner which gives you the optimum viewing angle for using the fork truck. Additional cameras (4 cameras maximum) are available.

Are the backup cameras adjustable?

Yes, the cameras are easily adjustable to fit your needs.

Can I dump the lift deck?

  • The HD-4500 Model lift deck does not attach to the forks in any manner, it is used as a skid to facilitate the movement of material on and off the truck bed.
  • The SI-2500 Model does attach to the forks and is capable of tilting down to be used as a dump platform.

Can I put one of these beds on a half ton truck?

No. Our products are designed as heavy duty, professional products that are intended to be used every day with multiple years of trouble free use. Unfortunately, when you build a rugged machine, that equates to additional weight throughout the product. Our HD-4500 Model is designed for 3500, 4500, and 5500 (Class III, IV, V) Cab Chassis models, while our SI-2500 Models are designed for ¾ ton and one ton pickup models.

Do these beds fit on any brand of truck?

Right now we have models for Ford, Ram and Chevrolet/GMC. They may fit other models, please contact us directly for more information.

Do I have to put helper springs under my truck to have this bed?

Yes, we highly recommend helper springs or air bags to be installed before the installation of the bed.

How is the lift deck held in place on the bed?

There is a spring loaded, four point locking mechanism to fasten the lift deck to the frame of the bed.

Do you sell different options for the lift deck?

Yes, we have several different models of the lift deck in development that are available and can be customized to suit your needs, contact us for more details.

What kind of controller operates the bed?

The bed is operated with a wired or wireless controller.

Can the bed run any other kind of attachments with the hydraulics?

There are available options on the HD-4500 for a hydraulic winch and remote hydraulic outlets available, but keep in mind that our product uses a specialized hydraulic fluid to allow it to operate at lower temperatures. mixing hydraulic fluid with other machines will degrade the performance of the Bristow Bed.

What kind of hydraulic fluid does the bed use?

The recommended hydraulic fluid is a special blend from Schaeffer Oil, designed for our system.

Does it exceed the weight capacity of my truck when fully loaded?

We work with our clients and dealers to ensure that the proper model is selected for the intended truck platform so that the GVWR of the vehicle is not exceeded. There are some instances where the machine is capable of lifting more than the truck platform is capable of handling (due to the GVWR) and it is the operator’s responsibility to not exceed this limit. This is the same with any other machine out there. You can take any forklift currently available on the market and overload/improperly load it, and it will pick it up, and cause an unsafe condition. It is ultimately the operators responsibility to ensure that the machine is operated within the manufacturers specifications in a safe manner.

How much does the bed weigh?

  • The standard HD-4500 Model weighs approximately 3,980 pounds.
  • The standard SI-2500 Model weighs approximately 2,200 pounds with the Fork Attachment.

How do I order the Bristow Bed?

You can contact us directly via phone, email, or our “contact” page to order our products directly through our knowledgeable sales staff who are ready to assist you, no matter where you are in North America.

Does the bed come with trailer plug hookups?

  • Our HD-4500 Model has a RV 7 Blade connector and standard 4 pin connector.
  • Our SI-2500 Model does not have Trailer Plug hookups.

Can I get a gooseneck ball?

  • Our HD-4500 Model has a standard 30K pound gooseneck ball.
  • Our SI-2500 Model connects to the receiver mounted in your bed where your Gooseneck ball currently installs. With our innovative adapter there is an integrated Gooseneck ball currently installs. With our innovative adapter there is an integrated Gooseneck ball that allows you to utilize the gooseneck ball while our unit is installed in the vehicle.

Can I pick up more than one pallet at a time?

No. Our products are designed to lift a single pallet, as with all other forklifts. What sets our product apart is that you can load a trailer with multiple pallets and deliver them to multiple locations with a single machine.

Can I order the bed without the skirts?

No. The skirts are an integral part of safety shields that protect the operator and bystanders.

Where do I have this bed installed on my vehicle?

There is a nationwide network of qualified truck upfitters available to install our HD-4500 Model. We can work with your preferred upfitter, locate and organize the upfit for you, or your can elect to have the unit installed at one of our Factory Authorized locations. The SI-2500 Model is designed to be easily installed and removed by the end user. After Initial installation, the SI-2500 unit can easily be removed or reinstalled in less than 10 minutes.