• If you use your truck as an integral part of your business, this product will benefit you.

    • General contractor: Efficient movement of material from the supply house to the jobsite.
    • Delivery driver: The capability of hauling a trailer with multiple pallets, then unloading those pallets at different delivery locations.
    • Landscape: The ability to load pallets of stone or sod, without transporting large equipment.
    • Mowing professionals: The ability to load a mower on the lift-deck, and your accessories in our secure tool boxes, without the need to pull a trailer. Most leaf blowers will fit into our oversized truck box drawers.
    • Linemen: The use of a pickup to haul transformers or reels of wire instead of a boom truck and trailer.
    • Farmers: The ability to haul feed, seed, palletized material to the remote jobsites where they are needed without additional equipment.
    • Mechanical contractors: Expansion of your current capabilities to handle larger equipment to the jobsite such as package units, industrial hot water heaters, boilers, and chillers.
    • Military: The ability to load/haul/deliver material over distances greater than 1/4 mile more efficiently and with less manpower than any other product currently available. This machine will facilitate todays moving battlefield to ensure front line troops receive the support material that they require.
    • Supply Warehouse: The ability to quickly and efficiently deliver material to multiple jobsites. Instead of waiting for a forklift at the delivery point, your driver will be able to set the receivables on the ground and return to deliver another load.
  • Bristow Beds forklift forks half-nested on truck
    Tools drawer custom built into truck with Bristow Bed

Built for Multiple Industries

Industries such as facilities maintenance, snow and ice removal, lawn mower repair, tire repair shops, tile contractors, bricklayers, roofers, state road maintenance departments, road construction crews, welding/fabrication shops, utilities, vehicle maintenance facilities, etc. The list of trades that would benefit from this product goes on and on.

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