About Bristow Beds

The Bristow Bed is a product designed for pickup trucks enabling easy lifting, hauling, storing, and unloading of heavy or cumbersome items. With Bristow Beds, you can use your pickup truck as a flatbed, a forklift, or a lift-gate.

The Story of the Bristow Bed

Hear from Michael Bristow, inventor, about how a problem sparked an idea that he turned into a unique, game-changing product.

Product Highlights

  • Universal design which allows installation on ¾ ton and 1 ton pickups
  • Construction grade equipment that has been life-cycle tested to give you years of trouble free use
  • A very simplistic design that lends itself to a low cost to manufacture, maintain, and sell
  • Easy transportation and distribution of the product due to modular design
  • Weight lifting capacities of 3,500 pounds for a single rear wheel truck, and 4,500 pounds for a dual rear wheel truck (not exceeding truck capabilities)
  • A wide variety of configurations and attachments
  • A self-leveling system ensures that the load stays level throughout the lift arc
  • A simple, electric over hydraulic, control system is in place for equipment control
  • Multiple back-up cameras allow the use of the machine with only one operator
Forklift raised on Bristow Beds truck

Testing and Design

The Bristow Bed is unique in many ways; seven patents are pending on various aspects of its design. We’ve taken our prototypes through a rigorous testing process to ensure quality and longevity:

  • Designed and Stress tested in SolidWorks (CAD) to ensure compatibility and longevity
  • Life cycle testing of 2,000 cycles and 10,000 cycles has been performed to identify wear patterns
Stress test illustration of Bristow Beds

How It Works

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