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Welcome to Bristow Beds

We move the world one skid at a time with our innovative engineered designs for a variety of material movement solutions. We have joined the versatility of a pickup truck with the capabilities of a forklift to enable efficient, convenient, and safe movement of material from one job site to another.

Your Needs, OUr Solution


General Contractor

Efficient movement of material between and around multiple jobsites


delivery driver

The capability of hauling a trailer with multiple pallets, then unloading those pallets at different delivery locations, or a single pallet expedited to a single location.


Mechanical Contractor

Expansion of your current capabilities to handle larger equipment to the jobsite such as package units, industrial hot water heaters, boilers, and chillers.



The ability to load pallets of stone or sod on or off a trailer, without transporting additional equipment.


Supply warehouse

The ability to quickly and efficiently deliver material to multiple jobsites. Instead of waiting for a forklift at the delivery point, your driver will be able to set the receivables on the ground and return to deliver another load.



The use of a pickup to haul transformers or reels of wire instead of a boom truck and trailer.



The ability to load/haul/deliver material over great distances more efficiently and with less manpower than any other product currently available. This machine will facilitate todays moving battlefield to ensure front line troops receive the support material required.

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Lift Capacity

up to 4,500 pounds

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