Yes, the forks self level for the entire lift arc.
Yes, the forks tilt independently with the push of a button.
The machine need maintained daily, weekly, and monthly just like any other heavy equipment.
It has an engine driven pump.
The single wheel trucks can lift up to 3,500 lbs. The dual wheel trucks can lift up to 4,500 lbs.
We recommend that you only lift a load on level ground centered on the forks.
The forks are powered by a single stage hydraulic motor.
Yes, you can operate the bed from inside or outside of the vehicle.
There currently are two backup cameras.
Yes, the cameras are easily adjustable to fit your needs.
Yes, you will be able to use the lift deck as a dump platform.
Yes, you will be able to side rails on the lift deck as an option when you purchase the bed.
As of right now you are not allowed to put one of these on a 1/2 ton truck due to weight capacity of the truck, but we hop to have smaller models in the near future for 1/2 ton trucks.
Right now we have models for Ford, Dodge and Chevrolet.
Yes, we require helper springs or air bags to be installed before the installation of the bed.
There will be a spring loaded locking mechanism to fasten the lift deck to the frame of the bed.
Yes, we have several different models of the lift deck in development.
The bed is operated with a wired or wireless controller.
We plan to develop a series of hydraulics attachments that will be able to run off of the hydraulics from the bed.
Currently we do not but it is definitely a possibility in the future.
The hydraulics use standard ATF.
Yes, we have already designed a fuel cell to fit in place of the toolboxes for your convenience.
The bed lifts no higher than the heache rack.
No, the bed’s lift capacity is designed not to exceed the truck’s capacity or the tire capacity.
A single rear wheel truck bed weighs 3,500 lbs a dually bed weighs 4,500 lbs.
In the future we plan to build the outer parts of the bed out of aluminum.
Please contact us and we will keep you posted as the information comes available.
Yes, the bed comes fully equipped with standard hookups.
Yes, the bed comes with an optional layover ball.
You can, however, do so at your own risk.
If you drop the lift deck and load two pallets onto the deck and reload the deck back onto the truck, then you can lift two pallets at a time as long as you don’t exceed weight capacity.
Yes, the skirts are an option.
Currently we are working on developing a nationwide network of qualified installers for this bed.
Yes, the toolboxes lock.
Yes. You can buy an attachment to pick bales from the sides or you can buy a stinger.

The truck beds are a standard width Flatbed.