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About Bristow Beds

The Bristow Bed is on a mission to move the world one skid at a time. This American engineered design has developed a new solution for material handling problems. We pride ourselves in our new hybrid pickup forklift system, and guarantee that Bristow Beds will increase productivity and convenience.

The Story Of Bristow Beds

The Bristow Bed line of equipment has been developed over the last 10 years based on necessity. For years people have been trying to incorporate the benefits of a forklift with the capabilities of a pickup but have been unsuccessful. Numerous patents have been awarded throughout the years to solve this very issue. While previous designs were capable as a forklift, they did not retain the usability of the truck for its primary purpose, which is to move material.

After years of trial and error, extraneous testing, and multiple designs, the Bristow Beds have been designed around the three major issues of FlatBed Ownership; aesthetics, security, and usability in addition to incorporating a high quality, engineered forklift that will benefit the operator in his daily activities.

Forklift Design

Our forklift system has been designed in an extremely rugged manner to ensure that it will perform beyond expectations.  While there are many ways to achieve self leveling, we did not take the easy path by adding a bunch of electronics. We have incorporated a tried and true method of fluid transfer, which has no moving parts, and performs well in all climates.  Each and every part that is used in the manufacturing process is sourced from reliable, quality suppliers, that are leaders in their respective industries. Quality over quantity is our mantra. Our clients believe in us and our products, and we  want to ensure that they are buying a product that will enhance their ability to move material and greatly improve their overall bottom line by performing the job safely, effectively and at an overall lower operational cost.


The majority of available flatbeds on the market today are a flat floor bolted to the top of the frame of the truck.  They leave the sides open, which is unattractive and looks unprofessional, while allowing road debris to cover the vehicle.  We have incorporated a full skirt package to enhance the visual impact of the vehicle, and provides a flat service to display your company advertising in a cost effective manner.

In addition to this, our products are painted with a six step process, and finished in industrial powder coat which results in a durable surface that will look great and withstand the elements for years to come.


The security of the load is always a major issue for flatbeds, not just from theft, but load security while traveling.  The small items that are being hauled usually end up in the cab of the truck with the driver, which results in an unsafe condition if there is ever an accident.  The Bristow Beds have multiple integrated storage solutions that are designed around the user which allow for smaller material to be safely and effectively transported in the vehicle, while providing security of the load from theft.


By integrating the forklift around the key aspects of the truck bed, the Bristow Bed line of equipment does not interfere with the primary purpose of a truck, which is to haul equipment and material.  All of our equipment is designed to allow normal operation of hauling a trailer, either with a gooseneck ball or the rear mounted receiver.


Our company has a strong base in a highly motivated team that have a passion for improving the conditions and techniques for moving material in a safe and effective manner.  Since the beginning, the focus has been on building the best product possible that is extremely rugged and capable of years of trouble-free use, no matter the conditions.

Based out of Missouri, the Midwest can-do attitude has persevered throughout the process of bringing this product line to market.  Starting with a quarter scale prototype that took several years to develop, we have continued that development to the full scale working models that are available today.  Peer reviewed by multiple engineering agencies, our designs are extremely solid with as few moving parts as possible. There are virtually no electrical motors or sensors in any of our designs, as our products have been designed for the harshest of conditions and reliability.

The Bristow Bed line of equipment are proudly produced in Salem, Ohio, by a historic and storied manufacturer that is the cornerstone of the community.  By utilizing an existing, established manufacturer to produce our product for our clients, we ensure the highest standards are maintained in our product manufacturing process.